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He sat there. Unmoving. Unknowing. He sat there only breathing and twitching. The symptoms from giving up his medication were taking control of his slender body. This man- this creature of destruction, only wanted to be anywhere but in the empty classroom with his back against the wall. He slumped to the floor with a sigh and proceeded to stare into the nothingness that drowned his visions. His body involuntarily convulsed to the rhythmic disease flowing through his veins.  As I sat down about a foot from him, I could do nothing but stare as his eyes glazed over the protective mask he bore every day. His facial expressions never gave him away. But it was his clenched fist at his side that fascinated me. I was intoxicated. Inebriated from his very presence. I dared to move closer to this horribly beautiful statue. He sat; never stirring. My heartbeat danced upon my chest as my shoulder brushed his arm. The striking stone figure only glared into the remoteness of the black void he existed in. We sat in absolute silence for what seemed like eternity before the creature decided to grace me with his voice. The fallen angel looked at me with such intensity it made my blood congeal to form little crimson crystals in my bloodstream. "If you had the power to choose how I died, what would you decide?"  I stopped breathing. "W-what?" My body shook from the turbulence of his honest question. "How would you kill me?"


When I awoke from my nightmare, I automatically changed into yet another one. When my feet came to rest on the floor of my dream, I saw my grotesque archangel standing in front of me. His body gleamed from the moon beams that reflected from the pavement on the bridge. His skin glowed with an aura of hideous perfection. As he exhaled, smoke surrounded his face in the cold night. I called out his name and he opened his eyes which glowed with burning embers.  "What's going on?" I asked. "Why are we here?" He stood there saying nothing. He beckoned me to come closer to his existence. I found myself moving forward without picking up my feet. Once in front of him, he reached out and touched the side of my face. His hand burned from the cold as it brushed over my cheek and eyelids. The angel moved closer as he placed his face by my neck. His arctic breath made me shiver as he whispered into my ear, "I'm going to die. Just like you wanted me to." I stood there, dumbfounded. The angel moved his willowy fingers to my neck, cradling my jaw. His lips lightly brushed my collar bone. I stopped depending on oxygen as he softly kissed my lips. He released me form his frigid embrace and moved toward the side of the bridge. He stood on the ledge and looked at me. "Goodbye." And he jumped to the water below. I screamed and ran to the side of the bridge. All I could make out beneath of me was my tortured angels' broken body floating upon the surface. His hair framed his face and created a black halo as his corpse moved to the song of death. And as my heartbeat slowed to an almost non-existent thump, I realized that my angel had finally gotten his wings.  

Libre oiseau
variation of a dream. the narrator is dreaming of the person in questions death.
libre-oiseau Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2011
im sorry. its mainly about you...
jagged-1 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
this has made me cry
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